DANGO features

We created additional tools complementary to DANGO to supporting the annotation and analysis.

Lipid database generator

As a part of DANGO plug-in, we have developed a database generator for the ceramide moiety of the GSLs.

This allows the generation of customized ceramide databases based on user-specified fatty acid and sphingoid combination.

The generator is capable of calculating both native and permethylated form of ceramide molecular masses, with/without adducts as well as the mass of series of fragment ions expected.

Combining this functionality with an existing system for the creation of custom glycan structure databases (DatabaseBot), users can freely create their own GSL databases as combination of glycan and lipid databases.

Also, the database can be exported to Excel (an example is shown below).

Lipid mass calculator

The lipid mass calculator provides a set of calculation results of the theoretical mass of molecular ions, as well as fragment ions of user-defined ceramide/sphingoid/fatty acid of the GSLs.

Annotation result merge

A merge report tool is available for the comparison of multiple annotation results side by side in a single display.