What is DANGO?

Data ANnnotation system for GlycolipidOmics

DANGO is an extension of GRITS Toolbox

DANGO is as an extension (plug-in) to GRITS Toolbox, which we developed to annotate Glycolipidomics MS data. GRITS Toolbox (http://www.grits-toolbox.org) is freely available software for processing and archiving glycomics data. It is possible to extend the functionality of GRITS Toolbox with third party plugins and take advantage of already implemented features. The software also includes an integrated annotation module, GELATO, for annotating glycomics data. Implementing DANGO as a plugin to the GRITS Toolbox allowed us to repurpose the GELATO functionality for the glycan portion of the GSL. It also allowed the development of an extensive set of investigation and visualization widgets for GSL.

Annotation of glycolipidomics MS data

Glycolipidomics MS data can be automatically annotated using the DANGO annotation system. For the annotation settings, users specify the followings:

  • Target MS data file
  • Accuracy for the MS and cut-off threshold for the peak intensity
  • Glycan and lipid databases
  • Fragmentation patterns
  • Adduct ions, ion exchanges and neutral losses

Annotation results are displayed using tabular representation (as shown below) or annotated MS spectra. The annotation table can be exported to Excel allowing for external data processing and data analysis.

DANGO features

We created additional tools complementary to DANGO to supporting the annotation and analysis.